Rails Run To Rust

They never made it up Cadillac Hill
They burned out their lives, in the fires of the steel mill.
Forged by the union; into the American dream
But they woke up to weeds in the dust
The rails run to rust

Stand here on the outskirts of the east
The wind is in the silence of the buildings
It blows across the vacant lives
through the broken windows here in the eyes
of the abandoned
Who stand along the cardboard row
In the glow of their ancient fires
Sending sparks up to the stars
While the rockets red glare up to mars scar
across the stare upon the starving
Who ask, "On hard times in who do we trust?

These rails, run to rust."

I built your office building brick on brick
But I can't afford its doctors when my kids are sick
I can't afford a meal in your resturant
And you cast down your look of disgust.

These rails, run to rust

Copyright 1992 Robert J. Kidney, Jr.
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