Do You Need

Pick up my illusions Put them on for another day Stirring in the confusion Can't escape the way it tastes Another drink from the hourglass so much time to waste I watch as the days of morning (daze of mourning) pour in upon the table of the dawn that reaches out before me in our distance under the hallow sky The silence of my empty hands will hold back your deep goodbye it's worn upon you in an endless sigh We will leave no trace of you or I there is only this shell you left behind So the sun is coolin down Pale blue evening gown The sky holds the diamonds you'll put on They'll be the tears you lay across the dawn There will be no tomorrow But then it comes And we must both live on and on Look at me until you say goodbye Do you need? Do you still need Do you need Well I do I still do

Copyright 1996 Robert J. Kidney, Jr.
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