"Modern Is Just Old Hat, Chromed"

Thirty Years of Original Music (and Photographs)

There have been three constants in the Numbers Band since the beginning in the early '70s; Bob Kidney, Jack Kidney and Terry Hynde. For the other musicians who visited, and even stayed a while, the experiences are all different , and all intense. As you glance over the photographs and read the history of these faces, listen to the sound clips, and walk through an emotionally volatile and musically powerful period of time.

The music was Chicago style blues, the images on this page are Alternative. But the crowds wanted to hear Led Zepplin or the Rolling Stones.
Depending on which faction of music facsists you ask, this band is either "outdated" or "ahead of its time". During these early years, before his brother Jack joined the band, Bob Kidney primarily played keyboards and harmonica. "Modern is just old hat chromed" is a phrase taken from the song Nobodies John (found on 15 60 75/20 CD and 15 60 75 Two) written by Bob in 1978. The phrase sums up his feelings about fads, styles, and the next greatest thing.

Right: Bob Kidney (and band) performs at an outdoor arts festival at Kent State University, 1970.

Nobodies John, from the "15 60 75 Twenty" CD. 69K RealAudio file.

© Copyright 1982 by Robert J. Kidney, Jr. All rights reserved.

"He wonders why being with it is such a high
As he watches while every high dies with the style
Modern is just old hat chromed
And he wants beyond time
where the good goes on a while..."

The 70s...Blues, Sweat and Ashes.
The 80s...Out of Obscurity, Into Oblivion.
The 90s...March Or Die.
The Millennium...Defining Success.

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