Date: Sun, 28 Jun 1998 Bob and rest of band, It was by pure chance that I stumbled across the web page for The Numbers Band. My sixteen year old daughter was looking up some lyrics from an old song she ran across and the fact that bands might have a web page prompted me to check on my favorite band, and the memories flowed from the pictures and words on the pages. I first saw the band on Halloween night in 1974 at The Kove. I had come to Kent to visit a girl I had dated in the summer time who was back at school at KSU. The place was sweaty, dark, shoulder to shoulder with people and pungent with smoke and overflowing urinals. (There could have been no doubt that the Kove would burn down, it was just a question of when) I loved it! I worked in a factory in Wheeling W.Va. and got off work at 9:00 PM on Friday nights, just enough time to shower and drive 2 hrs to Kent to make it to the Kove in time for the second set. I did it weekly, and conveniently visited my girlfriend each weekend. She became as hardcore as I was but actually had a life and school to tend to. Not me. A factory job was replaceable in the Kent area which cut out the drive, and the girlfriend was agreeable to the idea of living together. Since I was in Kent anyway I picked up a few classes at the U. I was there the night the Kove burned, I was exposed to tear gas outside the joint on a May 3rd show, I trekked to the Rathskellar for the benefit performance, the Robin Hood (where you just couldn't get a good angle to watch), Pancho Villa's where I never would have gone for any other reason, and of course to JB's, where I loved to watch the new innocents come in and see the band, play the Eye Game with you, and then watch them return again and again as they grew so worldly wise, so much more learning than was taking place in the marbled halls of the University. Funny how things turn out. I married the girlfriend (over twenty years now), finished college and grad school, (rarely any early morning classes since you guys played till 2:00 A.M.) and live in Wadsworth (full cycle with Pig Iron). The kids still warily eye the 15-60-75 poster that hangs in the rec. room. I still get around to see you every now and then. I'm thrilled with the schedule on the web page so I can keep a little better track of where you are playing. I travel regularly all over the country so hope to get lucky some day in a distant city to find you playing there. I expect my life would have gone somewhat the same if I hadn't stumbled (literally) into The Kove, but I don't know for sure. My wife often tells people I married her because of The Numbers Band. So count us both as Among the Wandering out on The Narrow Road. Bob Byers
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