Begin To Return

Come to the doorway just to see your man comin' home
So long and slow, walking on down the sun
But all you see is his memory set aflame in a day that's gone
Deep in your heart
There's a pain so deep
Sunk like a spear
It leaves a hole and all the sorrows start
The well for your tears
It won't quell your thirst but you drink from it for years

Away from the world you sit with empty eyes
While the windows cry in the silence of your shadowed room
Where your life lies in vials kept in bottles of old perfume
The drugs in the ashtray incant the visions to restore your gloom

But listen off out there
Where you cannot hear
Out so very far
But it's coming near
Whispers on the wind are on wings as the morning rises
As you wake within a dream and place your hands against the sky
High on a morning wind, on a voices wings you fly
As the voice becomes your lover's asking you "Oh why, won't you try
to begin,
once again
to return...again..."

Copyright 1989 Robert J. Kidney, Jr.
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