Battery B

I've got to put to rest a world of trouble
it keeps sneakin up in back of me
its time to move out on the double
when thereí screamin down the battery
Iím not askin for your pity
no I canít use the sympathy
what I needs a little time to myself
to face whatís been chasin me.
Get a back road rollin under me
I wonít get no rest until I see
the stars come shootin through the trees
Screamin, they come screamin
screamin down on me, when Iím screamin down that Battery B.
Somthin I never realized is how hard it be to fit back in
and all the heroes that I idolized were never there when I needed them.
Fear ripped through me like a hurricane
to let me know I was still alive.
I learned to need it and it comes back to me
when Iím checkin out my vital signs.
I go rippin down the Battery
I let my life flash in front of me
I gotta see whats chasin me
Screamin, still screamin
screamin back at me, I go screamin down the Battery B.
Tonight its commin back to me, I turn around and all I see
is forgotten faces haunting me
Screamin, theyíre screamin
screamin back at me, when I go screamin down the Battery B.
Iím gonna call up some of my old friends
an tell them that Iíll be around.
I want to listen to the blacktop hissin
underneath me as Iím leavin town.
Gotta do it for what I left behind
I gotta do it for my sanity
Iím gonna hook up with those pals a mine, thereís a shoot out on the Battery. Tonight Iíll set my spirit free and face up to the memories
I realize theyíre still killin me
Screamin, I hear screamin
screamin inside of me when I go screamin down the Battery B

Copyright 1991 John Kidney.
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