Selected Reviews From 1989 to 1982

O 35 Music Publication 1989, England Review of Golden Palominos "A Dead Horse" Robert Kidney enunciates with almost Jackson-Brown-style clarity. ..disturbing confessions of a resentful obsessive, brilliantly executed. New Music Express 1987, England by David Cavanagh Review of Golden Palominos CD "A Dead Horse" Kidney, who had a cameo role in the last LP, comes into his own as a brilliant composer and no negligible smoky singer. His Wild River opens the album. Intoxicatingly mellow with slide, purring bass and Kidney's warm moan, it takes on the last Robbie Robertson album and comes away blowing dust off its fists. A wonderful intro, maintained by his Lucky and A Letter Back. Variety 1987 The Palace, Los Angeles Review of the Golden Paiomino's live performance Singing his own "The Push And The Shove", Kidney unwound like a coiled spring venting raw energy, punk rock style, to big applause. Later he took the band to it's most anarchic height on "Risk Of Love". Scene Magazine 1987 review of 15 60 75 "Among The Wandering" The group's third album release is the first that captures The Numbers Band's musical subtlety as well as their live power. Here are some of the rockingest tracks The Numbers have ever put on vinyl. Their songs virtually jump out of the speakers. Impassioned vocals and a heady blend of horns, drums and guitars. It's been a long time coming, but The Numbers Band has finally been immortalized on vinyl for future generations to enjoy. Now, if the rest of the country would get hip to what Cleveland already knows... Scene Magazine 1986 review of the Golden Palominos' "Visions Of Excess" John "sometimes rotten" Lydon wails his way through Animal Speaks, a song written by Robert Kidney. Anton Fier's inclusion of this composition is his way of shedding light on a group he admires, "I've seen bands all over the world. The Numbers Band is one of the most impressive live acts I've ever seen in this day and age." OP Magazine 1983 review of 15 60 75 "2" Depth, inspiration, power, foresight and sheer excitement of the Numbers Band's music is captured on this important recording which should spread their reputation. KPTF 90FM 1983, Houston Review of 15 60 75 '2" This record is a tribute to the conviction and vision of an original band that has persevered through twelve years of wavering musical trends. Scene Magazine 1982 review of 15 60 75 "2" A long awaited second album, an eleven song gem spot-lighting all of the group's components.

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